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R.I.P Roach

Perfect as a big barramundi or cod bait to target those oversize predators!

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360GT Searchbait

Designed to be fished anywhere, by anyone, of any skill level; the 360GT Searchbait from Storm is...

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R.I.P Curl

The Storm R.I.P Curl takes what was so successful with the R.I.P Shad and evolves the concept wit...


R.I.P Rigger

The Storm R.I.P Rigger makes rigging monumental soft baits like the R.I.P Shad and R.I.P Curl eas...


R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System

The R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System is another option for rigging up oversize soft plastics for ta...


So-Run Joker Shad

The So-Run Joker Shad takes soft plastics to a whole new level of user-customization. What might ...

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So-Run Joker Vert

The So-Run Joker Vert takes soft plastics to a whole new level of user-customization. What might ...

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R.I.P Shad

The Storm R.I.P Shad was born to chase true trophy fish. Whether it be murray cod, barramundi or ...


SX Soft Vib

A super tough soft vibe that predators love to chew on.


So-Run Hypno Grub

With its unique bulbous tail, the So-Run Hypno Grub kicks into a hypnotic motion as soon as it hi...

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So-Run Makan Minnow

Designed by Storm's Japanese development team, the So-Run Makan Minnow incorporates subtle design...

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So-Run Superu Shad

Combining a wide tail kick with a very pronounced body roll, the So-Run Superu Shad from Storm is...


So-Run Spike Tail

Whether fishing vertically or casting, So-Run Spike Tail gets a reaction. With its supple thin ta...

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Knock'R Minnow

The Storm Knock'R Minnow is a unique pre-rigged boot tail swimbait set to take the barramundi by ...

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SX-Soft Bloop Frog

A hollow-body frog imitation lure that features a chin up resting and walking design that helps k...


SX-Soft Bull Frog

A hollow-body frog imitation lure that features a chin up resting and walking design that helps k...

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SX Serpentino

A hollow-body, weedless, topwater bait designed for dog-walking in heavy cover. Its soft body mat...


Wildeye Swim Shad

The Storm Wildeye Swim Shad is a pre-rigged boot tail swimbait perfect for a host of Australian s...


Wild Nipper

The Storm Wild Nipper is one of the most realistic shrimp, nipper or yabbie imitations on the mar...

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Live Kicken' Minnow

The Storm Live Kickin' Minnow is a pre-rigged and pre-weighted jointed swimbait with an enticing ...


Live Perch

The Storm Live Perch is a pre-rigged and pre-weighted jointed swimbait with an enticing action an...

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R.I.P Seeker Jerk

The R.I.P. Seeker Jerk combines favorable hard bodied traits with the natural swimming action of ...


So-Run Akame

The strongest swim bait on the market for big predators. The Akame (Japanese for Barramundi) has ...


So-Run Lipless Minnow

Weighted and balanced for long casts, the So-Run Lipless Minnow is a rattling lure that has a sea...


So-Run Sinking Pencil

The So-Run Sinking Pencil darts & glides erratically with a fast sinking, tail fluttering action ...


So-Run Heavy Minnow

Weighted for maximum casting distance, fish busting on the surface will never be out of re ...


So-Run Minnow

Slim & agile with a tight kicking action & strong body roll; meet the So-Run Minnow.

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Smash Shad

Swimming with a deliberate, steady cadence, the Smash Shad is on track to be an instant classic. ...

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Saltwater Rattlin' Chug Bug

The classic saltwater Rattlin' Chug Bug can do it all! Pop it, walk it or flat out crank it and w...



Walk-the-dog longer with Storm's Z-Stick. Designed specifically to perform longer and wider surfa...


Twitch Stick

A suspending jerk bait with a thick, minnow profile and an aggressive action on retrieve. Very re...


Thunder Barra

Designed by a Northern Territory inspired Japanese angler, the Storm Thunder Barra Deep has been ...

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Gomoku Slow Rocker

The new Gomoku Slow Rocker is the latest jig offering from Storm. Built with an asymmetrical desi...


Gomoku Koika

Work it slow and let it slide. The Fluttering action on the drop triggers reaction bite.


Super Gomoku Slim Jig

Get jiggy with the Super Gomoku Slim Jig. Ideal for high speed micro jigging.


Gomoku Micro

Micro in size but perfect for imitating small baitfish that big predators love to feed on.


Gomoku Flutter Slim

Cast it at structure and let it sink. The Gomoku Flutter Slim has the most enticing shimmy as it ...


Gomoku Crank

The new Storm Gomoku Crank is a tiny 38mm deep-running crank that quickly dives to 1.5 metres. It...


Gomoku Pencil

Take the Gomoku Pencil for a walk across the surface and watch the fish follow.


Gomoku Popper

Micro in size but full of fish popping attitude as it flees across the surface.


Gomoku Bottom

Let it flutter and flash on the drop then dance it like a prawn on the bottom.


Gomoku Vibe

Good vibrations will always trigger an agressive reaction bite.


Gomoku Dense

The new Gomoku Dense opens up a world of new opportunities for the keen light line angler. A new ...


Gomoku Minnow

Give it a twicth, let is suspend on the pause and watch it get crunched from below.


Gomoku Spin Jig

Erratic, energetic, and simply out-of-control. The Gomoku Spin from Storm is so packed with actio...

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Arashi Vibe

The Arashi Vibe continues the path blazed by its bibbed cousins. Typical to Storm Arashi baits, t...

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Arashi Rattling Deep

Tight wiggling action for maximum flash and vibration. The Arashi Rattling Deep gets down faster ...

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Arashi Tiger

The Arashi Tiger is built for the biggest fish in our rivers, lakes and estuaries. Built with a f...


Arashi Flat 7

Swims with a tight wiggling action creating maximum flash and vibration. Multi-ball rattle for lo...


Arashi Top Walker

Features a responsive walking action that delivers a longer glide and powerful wake even in chopp...


Gomoku Spinnerbait

With its flashy blade and attractive skirt, the Gomoku Spinnerbait might be micro-sized, but than...

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