Gomoku Flutter Slim

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  • Cast it at structure and let it sink. The Gomoku Flutter Slim has the most enticing shimmy as it sinks slowly through the water column drawing strikes from wary predators lurking in structure. Perfect for targetting bream on moored boats, pontoons or oyster racks, the Gomoku Flutter Slim sinks slowly, and the belly weighted body rocks side to side, producing flash and subtle vibrations. Measuring in at 45mm long and weighing 2g, this is a finesse lure made for light line. Perfect for when your target species is holding high in the water column. Available in 6 colours and fitted with premium VMC treble hooks.
  • • Shimmy on the drop.
    • Slim profile.
    • Long-casting.
    • Perfect for spooky fish.
    • Premium VMC hooks.
  • Model No. Weight Length Running Depth
    GFLS45 2G 4.5CM Varible

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