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Just like our lures, Storm rods are supported by technique specific and concept driven design. Whether you're looking for the ultimate micro jigging rod or a big bait weapon, Storm rods offer pure performance and realistic pricing.


Gomoku Rods

Gomoku Rods - The ultimate micro jigging rod series that love to get bent.

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Offering unbeatable performance to price ratio, these affordable graphite rods feature full Fuji ...

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The new Gomoku Adajo is designed to work slow-style jigs easily with each pitch or crank. The Gom...

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Arashi Crankin' & Trollin'

The best cod and barra baitcast rod we've ever developed. Cast or troll, fresh or salt, this rod ...


Gomoku Nero Rods

The Japanese development team at Storm have nurtured and refined the Gomoku way into a specific c...



The new Storm Monstar rods are designed for quickly overwhelming big fish.


Shore X Rods

Expertly crafted for anglers who love the challenge of shore based micro jigging.


Micro Jigger Rods

With an ultra light PE rating of 0.4-1, this rod is micro and perfect for small jigs.

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