• The Japanese development team at Storm have nurtured and refined the Gomoku way into a specific concept. Gomoku jigging allows anglers to adopt traditional vertical jigging methods on a much smaller scale – a proven Japanese method of targeting a large variety of species in various scenarios. 

    Now the Gomoku concept is adapting and evolving to cover even more fishing scenarios, covering everything from light line finesse fishing to eging (squid fishing) 

    Gomoku rods cover it all, and encompass some of the most exhilarating and exciting forms of fishing. 

    Light, crisp and responsive graphite blanks, with their distinctive white finish make Storm Gomoku rods a standout on the water and on the shelf. Colour coded grips make choosing the right model easy. 
  • • High modulus graphite blank construction
    • Fuji Alconite KR guide system
    • Fuji VSS reel seat
    • Coloured EVA Grips
    • Parabolic fish fighting action
    • Extended rod butt to maximise power and comfort (jigging models)



  • Model No. Length/Sections Line Wt. Max Jig Wt. Style Grip Colour
    GO-S-601ULSB 6',1pc 0.4-1.0 PE 40g Short Spin Green
    GO-S-601UL 6',1pc 0.4-1.0 PE 40g Spinning Green
    GO-S-601L 6',1pc 0.8-1.5 PE 120g Spinning Red
    GO-S-601LP 6',1pc 0.8-1.5 PE 120g Spinning Pink
    GO-S-601M 6',1pc 1.0-3.0 PE 160g Spinning Blue
    GO-S-5101MH 5'10",1pc 2.0-4.0 PE 220g Spinning Black
    GO-S-6102UL 6'10",1pc 0.3-0.8 PE 10g Max Finesse Spinning Grey Camo
    GO-C-601L 6',1pc 0.8-1.5 PE 120g Overhead Red
    GO-C-601M 6',1pc 1.0-3.0 PE 160g Overhead Blue
    GO-C-5101MH 5'10",1pc 2.0-4.0 PE 220g Overhead Black
    GO-S-822M 8'2",1pc 0.8-1.5 PE Egi 3.5 max Eging Rod (Squid) Grey

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